What we do

Asset Management Software

We want to create the bridge for the tradicional financial industry into the digital world.

A transformation that will be Sustainable, Affordable and Flexible.

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Digital Transformation

Access emerging technologies to help sustainability of our planet and your business

Core Features


Store and manage assets of your choice: currency, money, stocks, metals, energy and cryptocurrency.


Provide payments to your clients using our solution or from other electronic payments (visa, paypal and others)


Instant transfer between customers, or from external providers to cross transfer (SWIFT, IBAN and others)


Provide different savings options, from interest accounts to retirement plans.


You can create your market (Stock, Forex, cryptocurrency) or connect to any exchange provider.


Allow services to lend currencies for different purposes: business, car, home, personal projects.

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Why Choose Us


Following engineering standards our base product comply with ISO/IEC 25051:2014 for Ready to Use Software

Pay as you Go

Our software is modular, choose to start with custody services or full banking experience

More opportunities

Emerging markets create other use cases, such an investment group or payments for private events

Our Plans

We offer Ready to Use Software, it can be deployed in a few hours

Flexibe Offers

Free Open Source or Tailored Experience?
  • Community Edition
  • Open Source
  • Unlimited assets
  • Unlimited Users
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Modules
    Custody - Transfer - Payments
    Savings - Exchange - Credit
  • DCE Coin
    Written in Typescript
    Community Plugins Store
    Integration with Dex
    Development Ecosystem
    Github & CICD Actions
    And much more!
  • Community Support
  • Soon
  • Enterprise
  • Ask us a Quotation
  • Unlimited assets
  • Unlimited Users
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Modules
    Custody - Transfer - Payments
    Savings - Exchange - Credit
  • Features
    Application personalization, region requirements, custom plugins and more
  • Deployment
    SaaS - On Premise
  • Email & Phone & On Site Support
  • Tailored Experience
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What Means dibaser?

Digital Bank Services

Who we are

Dibaser stands for Digital Bank Services, and is a software house which starts developing software with emerging financial technologies (Blockchain). It created the opportunity to widen the variety of solutions for different purposes.

Created in Portugal with Love
The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. - Leonardo Da Vinci

Making Happen

Have questions?

We want to help

Frequently asked questions

01. Is DIBASER a bank?
No, we are a software development company which provides technological tools for companies.
02. Who can use our software?
Examples of our potencial are banks, edge funds, private investment groups, fintech, governments, local commerce associations, event organizers, individuals and more.
03. Is it require a license to operate DIBASER?
Financial providers based on countries might require authorization. Our software was created to provide opportunity to any industry where it fits. We do NOT provide licensing or consulting regarding regulation, so you'll require a legal team to handle this matter.
04. How does DIBASER technology works?
It has a modular approach, meaning that you can choose according to your needs and add custom modifications. Use it as Bank as a Service (BaaS), which can be run on the Cloud, or On Premise.
05. What is BaaS - Bank as a Service?
Banking as a service (BaaS), which in IT Terminologies is Software as a Service (SaaS), is an end-to-end process ensuring the overall execution of a financial service provided over the web. Such a digital banking service is available on-demand and operates within a set time-frame. Source Wikipedia.
06. What modules are available?
For the moment the core modules can handle assets with Custody, Payments, Transfer, Savings, Exchange and Credit.
07. What custom modifications can be add?
Each of modules have a wide variety of options:

  • Custody: License, On Boarding, KYC, AML
  • Payments: Electronic ( VISA, PayPal ), ATM Machines
  • Transfer: International Systems ( SWIFT, IBAN )
  • Savings: Interest accounts with different cycle durations
  • Exchange: Over-the-Counter (OTC) or an Initial Coin Offering without the need of smart contracts
  • Credit: Peer 2 Peer lending

The modifications are NOT included in the base modules, they are created to address customer needs and a quote is provided to pay extra features.
08. What assets can be supported?
  • Currency: any national currency and central bank digital currency (cbdc)
  • Money: gold, silver
  • Stocks: any provided by nyse, nasdaq, shanghai stock exchange, euronext, japan exchange
  • Metals: steel, platinium, copper, lithium
  • Energy: oil, natural gas, electricity
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (and forks ie: DogeCoin, Litecoin), Ethereum, Cardano

Not all assets are available, a quote is provided to implement new assets
09. Can I integrate with my existing system?
YES! The software is flexible to operate all the operations alone, but is also compatible with many existing solutions to help you scale your operations and offer new services to your clients.


The most flexible financial software ever created